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  • When is it Too Much?
    When is it Too Much?
    Alcohol-related problems — which result from drinking too much, too fast, or too often — are among the most significant public health issues in the United States. Review the WellPATH Spotlight to understand the signs of alcoholism and the different types of treatment available to beat the condition.
  • Eat Well, Move More Wellness Challenge
    Eat Well, Move More Wellness Challenge
    This 8-week challenge includes weekly seminars on topics related to nutrition and physical activity. We'll also support your path to better health by offering weekly boot camp sessions each Saturday morning. Learn more...
  • Spring Group Fitness Classes: April 4 - June 3
    Spring Group Fitness Classes: April 4 - June 3
    Register today for the Spring Group Fitness classes. View our list of classes, register, download a coupon for 2 FREE classes, and find out
    about our “Refer a Friend” program, which allows both you and friend to receive discounts from 15-25% for enrolling in a class this
    Spring. Learn more...
  • Telehealth at Your Fingertips for Just $5 Copay per Visit
    Telehealth at Your Fingertips for Just $5 Copay per Visit
    January 1, 2016, the JHMB expanded its telehealth offerings with the launch of the new PlushCare service provided by Delta Health.
    This new service will replace the existing Anthem NurseLine service (which will no longer be available to the JHMB’s PPO Plan
    Option A & B participants). Learn more...


The JHMB’s Employee Wellness program, WellPATH, seeks to foster a healthy work environment and engage District employees in their health and well-being.  The program assists employees along their path to optimal health through education, wellness activities, and resources that support healthy lifestyle choices.

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The Joint Health Management Board (JHMB) makes it simple to access the specific benefits information you need by providing you with an easy-to-access Official Plan Booklet. You may download the full document or download a specific booklet section. The Plan Booklet became effective April 1, 2012 and includes Plan clarifications up to August 1, 2012.

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Need help understanding how to use your plans? The JHMB offers you quick, easy access to information about appeals, annual notices, contact information for each vendor, eligibility guidelines, as well as Kaiser Permanente’s Evidence of Coverage and the Summary of Benefits & Coverage for the District’s 3 plan options.

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JHMB Behind-the-Scenes 4-Part Video Series

In the summer of 2012, the Joint Health Management Board (JHMB) invited cameras into a series of meetings to capture a behind-the-scenes look at how the board makes decisions that affect your healthcare program. In the end, the group produced a 4-part video series that provides an in-depth look into how the group focuses on offering “the best possible healthcare at the best cost” for the District and its employees.

Part 1 – Developing a Cost-Effective Healthcare Benefit Program
Part 2 – JHMB – Past, Present, and Future
Part 3 – Using Data to Drive Decision Making
Part 4 – Making a Difference in the Cost & Quality of Benefits